Contract-Miner (Virtual Mining Game)

We officially hit the 5 month mark of testing Contract-Miner and boy has it changed. When I started there was no way for me to withdraw funds. And until recently they added a lot of new advances to their system and there is a way for me to withdraw which finishes my review and giving … More

CryptoTab (Web Browser)

My original plan when I designed this site was to give you the information I gathered on different sites and programs that I tested for myself. But with time constraints I just never got to revealing what has been approved or not. One of the first programs was a web browser that you can use … More

And then there was light?

The gang at SSP have been working on this idea since the pandemic started and it took some time to get things started but now that we have traveled around and played around with some good and the bad we are willing to share our information with you. BTW if you haven’t figured out this … More